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Thursday, April 7, 2011



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Vinod Kumar Sharma

How do I market a business when the owner doesn’t want to spend any money on marketing or advertising?


PACL India Limited is a public limited company in which any individual who is interested can do part time work if interested.

Any individual who is interested in making a part-time income can join as an agent. He/ She can then market the IPP and CDP plans amongst their known and unknown contacts. To become into an agent, he/she should have taken a policy for them as well.

An agent is entitled to get 15% commission of the investments that will be collected under him/ her through saving policies. Let us assume that an agent is successful in getting ten 1000 rupees/ month recurring deposits/ policies (IPP) under him. He will be getting 15% of commission of the investments under him every month for the first 12 months and thereafter 5% till the end of the plan (for 4 and 1/2 years). This means that he will get


1000 X 15/100 = 150 x 10 policies = 1500 rupees

His earnings in a month by getting ten 1000 rupees/ month plan will be 1500 for the first 12 months and after that it will be 50 rupees X 10 policies = 500 rupees for about 4 and 1/2 years.

If we think that one had put in about half a day (maximum) to convince a friend or a known/ unknown contact to have some simple savings for his life, YOU WILL BE GETTING YOUR COMMISSIONS FOR ABOUT 5 AND 1/2 YEARS CONTINUOUSLY. Isn't looking great? Offcourse you will be paid only if the customer is making his installments every month to the company.

Every year there will be promotions based on very simple targets set for each cadre of career ladder. For an agent, it will be roughly around 20000 (twenty thousand rupees only). If one had joined taking a policy of Rs.1000/ month. He himself is paying Rs.12000 to the company and if he is able to generate an additional amount of Rs,8000 in that year - he had achieved his target and so he will be promoted to next year. Think about the commissions! he wil be getting only Rs.3000/- as commission for the year which is not worth to make as income for an year. So if there is some more effort, one can certainly set their own additional income target. There are many interesting stories which are discussed at the 'STORIES' page.
If one is able to achieve his targets every year and finishes his 12 year of career in PACL India limited. He is entitled for a monthly pension of Rs.11000/- for the next 11 years from the date of his retirement - Isn't this something really good to learn?

Career ladder and commissions charts are given in the next page.

If you are interested in joining the organisation, please contact us with a brief note on you with your contact numbers, we will then get back to you with more details.

Table below is giving all 12 designation titles and the commissions for the designations.

Over riding commission refers to all the policies that were brought by the colleagues who were employed by you under you

For an example, you have employed 10 agents under you, and each of them managed to bring 10000/- per month at an average. So the total collection under you is Rs.1 lakh/ month, each of the agent will get 1500/- per month and you will be getting 4% of 1 lakh rupees which is Rs.4000/- If each of the agents, on their next year is able to employ 10 agents under each of them, and each of these agent with 10 policies, then you can calculate your commissions on the third year using the over riding commission rate given below in the table. If any officer is getting a direct business (which is a policy directly under him), he will get commissions as explained under direct business column.

Please take a look at the 'stories' page before you make your decision

OPA AWARDS: These are awards given to achievers of OPA target set to each cadre of designation ladder. These are usually cash awards for either two wheeler/ four wheeler given to all achievers. Award amount varies based on the designation.

INCENTIVES: In addition to the commission and awards there are incentives also. More details on this can be given once we are in touch with each other.

Showing 12 items
CAREER LADDER I year commission Over Riding Commission Direct Business

  • Estate advisor (agent) 15% (for 12 months) 0% 15%
  • Senior Estate Advisor 5% (renewal commission) 4% 15% + 4% = 19%
  • Estate Organiser 5% (renewal commission) 3% 15%+4%+3% = 22%
  • Estate Executive '' 2% 15%+4%+3%+2.60%+2% = 26.60%
  • Senior Estate Organiser '' 2.6% 15%+4%+3%+2.60% = 24.60%
  • Senior Estate Executive 1.20% 26.60% + 1.20% = 27.80%
  • Estate Co-ordinator 1.20%
  • Senior Estate Co-ordinator 1.20%
  • Estate Officer 1.20%
  • Senior Estate Officer 1.20%
  • Estate Consultant 1.20%
  • Estate Executive Consultant 1.20% 

Contact :Raj Infotech System @ Network
155, Om Shiv Colony, Shayam Marg-4,
Jhotwara, Jaipur=302012 Rajasthan India
Vinod Kumar Sharma

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